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Transforming Concrete Floors in Oviedo, Winter Springs, Winter Park, Maitland, Lake Mary, Sanford, & Surrounding Areas

DCRETE is Central Florida’s source for durable and stylish concrete floor coatings for both residential and commercial properties. If you have a concrete floor that’s really feeling its age, or you just want to protect your floor from the daily wear and tear of vehicles, road salt, moisture, dirt, and grease, DCRETE is the solution you need. Our coating is easy to clean and skid-resistant, so it’s perfect for any concrete floor, including garages, basements, patios, pool decks, showrooms, and more.

Serving locally, DCRETE is the most trusted name in home and commercial concrete coating solutions. Our professionally trained installers and partners have years of experience transforming garages, patios and commercial spaces. With fast turnaround, quality workmanship and friendly service, our team delivers a superior product that will last for years, backed by an outstanding warranty.

Our goal is simple—to transform ordinary concrete floors NOW to extraordinary WOW.

Damien Charles, the visionary behind DCRETE, was born in London, England, and has proudly called Oviedo, Florida, home for the past thirty-two years, witnessing its remarkable growth. Along with his wife and two children, one of whom is currently enrolled at the University of Central Florida, Damien is passionate about giving back to his community.

In his quest to create a lasting legacy for his family, Damien founded DCRETE. He envisioned a product that not only stood the test of time but also exuded visual appeal. Recognizing the garage as a frequently overlooked or chaotic space, Damien aimed to change that narrative. If he’s not on his patio, you’ll most likely find him enjoying the Florida weather from his own garage. We invest so much of our time at home, why not enjoy every space of it? Every part of your home should be a source of joy, and your garage should be no exception.

Before venturing into entrepreneurship within the concrete coating industry, Damien ensured that DCRETE embodied a product that he wholeheartedly believed in. Rooted in his experience as a Territory Manager in the retail sector, customer satisfaction became the cornerstone of his business. If clients weren’t happy, adjustments were made. This same dedication is what clients can expect from DCRETE. Damien’s commitment to their satisfaction is unwavering, and he wants clients to take comfort in the knowledge that they’ve invested in a reliable product and business.

At DCRETE, the “D” stands for durability and dependability, traits that reflect our focus on customer satisfaction. The results and transformation that DCRETE delivers are not just immediate; they last for years. We look forward to the opportunity to share this transformative experience with our clients and their families.

About DCRETE's Warranty

We have the best concrete floor coating on the market, and we back it with a 15-year warranty. We know you won’t have any issues with your new floor, but if you do, we take care of you like family.

Why Choose DCRETE Concrete Coating?

Durable Concrete Floor Coating for All Spaces

DCRETE isn’t your typical epoxy floor coating. While an epoxy coating will protect your floor, over time it weakens due to scratches, cracks, and chips. Our three-layer system utilizes a polyurea base and polyaspartic topcoat that won’t chip, scratch or scuff—in fact, it’s four times more durable than epoxy and guaranteed for years. If you want a concrete coating that looks better, protects better, and lasts longer than epoxy, DCRETE is what you need.


Our customer service is second to none, and your satisfaction is our priority. New floors are just one day away.


Our coatings are made to withstand the heaviest foot traffic. With our 15-year warranty, DCRETE floors are built to last.


With 24 color options and top-notch installation methods, our floors are designed to elevate your space.

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