How DCRETE Applies Your New Concrete Coating

Get to Know Our Installation Process


One of the most important steps in our process comes at the very beginning—prepping your garage, basement, or pool deck floors for application of our coating. Proper prep work ensures that your concrete is primed to receive an even coating that’ll adhere well and last for years to come. Here’s what we’ll do to get your floors in their best shape:

  • Grind the surface of concrete: We’ll use a diamond-bit Lavina grinder and various hand grinders to create a coarse, porous surface, removing about 1/16th of an inch. Known as the latent layer, this is the weakest layer of concrete, and clearing it away makes for flawless coating application. 
  • Control concrete dust: When you’re working with concrete, dust is inevitable. Our grinders are fitted with high-powered vacuums to keep the area clear. 
  • Eliminate oils and other harmful residue: Concrete can absorb oil, gasoline, and other heavy substances. Our grinding process ensures that all surface-level contaminants are removed, but we take it one step further by using a degreaser to lift deep-set stains. 
  • Mend any concrete defects: We’ll fill in any pits or cracks in the surface of your concrete before we put down our first coat. 


Once your floors are prepped, we start your application using the following steps.


As the first step in the coating process, we’ll apply a self-priming, polyurea basecoat.

Dispersing the chip

Once the basecoat is down, we’ll immediately disperse chip material by hand for even distribution.

Scraping the chip

We’ll allow the chip to cure, then scrape and vacuum any loose or vertical chips.

Clear Coat

For the grand finale, we’ll apply a final layer of UV-stable, polyaspartic clear coat to seal everything in place.

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